Vladimir KozyrПродюсер киностудии Интерфильм
I want to note the high professionalism and reliability of “CinemaHall” team

On September 16, 2014 in the context of the “Gogolfest” Art Festival a master class of a director and screenwriter Elena Fetisova and screening of the film “Paradjanov” organized by “CinemaHall” International Company was held with a great success. I want to note the high level of professionalism and reliability of “CinemaHall” team, which had hosted the event at the European level (the hall was full of people, the audience was interested, media representatives were involved, there was a fruitful dialogue with the viewer by the author).

Maxim RumiancevВыпускник Международной актерской школы от 'CinemaHall'
For me it was the best 3 months of summer

For me it was the best 3 months of summer! It was very cool to be in the acting school of “CinemaHall”! I found a lot of new friends, learned the basics of acting, classes were interesting, and most importantly – useful for me!