“CinemaHall”, INGO

Full member of the European Network NISI MASA
Full member of the International Federation of Film Societies FICC

Facts about “CinemaHall”:
  • “CinemaHall” has a right to preselect nominees to participate in Jury of the International Federation of Film Societies FICC on the International film festivals;
  • Representatives in 9 countries of the World;
  • More than 20,000 participants of projects and events;
  • More than 300 events organized;
  • More than 500 partners;
  • More than 100,000 mentions in Media;
  • Activity of “CinemaHall” was covered by regioanal and national TV channels (more than 100 videos).

The Team:

“CinemaHall” is a perspective and fast growing company. All our success is a result of the activity of a young and talented team. Want to join us? You are welcome! We will give you an opportunity to realize yourself professionally as well as creatively.

Illia Svidler
President of "CinemaHall"
Anastasia Svidler
PR Manager
Yuriy Zhuravel
Tamara Probko
Vice-president of "CinemaHall"
Oksana Katerinchuk

“CinemaHall’s” Friends:

Friends of “CinemaHall” encourage development of “CinemaHall, give an active feedback, support “CinemaHall’s” projects. You can become “CinemaHall’s” friend.

Taisiia Khvostova
Sergey Tkachuk
Ygen Mate
Boryslava Belocerkivska
Olga Novikova
Julia Karpova
Ruslan Raiter
Olga Bondar
Marina Naumenko
Stanislav Leschenko

Historical facts:

Official date of “CinemaHall” birth is the 29th of October 2009, father is an author of the idea, producer and journalist Illia Svidler and homeland is Dnepropetrovsk, where this day in the Palace of Сhildren and Youth gathered more than a hundred film lovers and filmmakers.

Then “CinemaHall” opened in a range of cities, such as: Lugansk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Poltava, Odessa and Kiev.

In Kiev in the red hall of “The house of cinema” gathered more than 650 film lovers and professionals. The grand opening was conducted with a concert program and workshop from “Star Media” company and also a workshop from director, producer Julian Dismore (Great Britain), and cultural figure Ruben Landsberger (France).

In 2013 “CinemaHall” opened in Moldova and Great Britain, in 2014 – in Kazakhstan and Poland.

Nowadays offices of “CinemaHall” are in more than 30 cities of the World.

In general, during 2010-2013 were organized more than 300 events and projects with total audience of participants more than 100 000 people.

“CinemaHall” has a status of the full member of European cinema association NISI MASA and International Federation of Film Societies FICC, due to this the filmmakers of the countries where “CinemaHall is represented have a perspective of participation in a range of European and International projects.

“CinemaHall” will not be satisfied with what has been already achieved! 

Lecturers and Presenters:

“CinemaHall” has invited such lectors and presenters to give master-classes and workshops, as:

Johnnuy O'reilly
Director, scriptwriter, producer
Julian Dismore
Producer, TV-presenter
Lybomir Levitsky
Director, scriptwiter, producer
Adam Milewski
Film critic
Nicolas Engel
Director, writer
Iren Razdobudko
Guy Nattiv
Director, writer, producer
Ruben Landsberger
Filmmaker, cultural figure
Miroslav Slaboshpitskiy
Anatoly Paduka
Mikhail Golubovich
Anna Rada
Viktor Andrienko
Actor, director
Dmitri Kostromenko
Vladimir Mislavsky
Film critic
Yevgeniya Zagoruyko
Nadezhda Buchak
Viktoria Chepurna
Yakov Tkachenko
Olga Donik
Oleg Shevchuk
Mikhail Melnik
Actor, director
Robert Feldman
Ziavkun Tetiana
Anna Akulevich
Mikhail Savin

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