What we do

Educational projects

Organizing of the National and International educational projects and events in cinema, TV and visual arts.

“CinemaHall” International organization is the largest organization, specialized in organizing and of National and International educational projects.

There were more than 130 educational events and projects organized during 2010-2013 years, including:

  • Workshop by the “Oscar” winner, winner of the “Sundance” International Film Festival and Berlinale Gay Nattiv (USA – Israel),
  • Workshops by the European Film Academy prize winner Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi (Ukraine),
  • International Acting School (more than 20 cities, more than 120 graduates), and etc.

Picture_Guy_Nattiv acting school main photo

PR and creative promotion

One of the main specialization of “CinemaHall” is a complex PR and promotion of film projects, development of marketing campaigns and ARG.

“CinemaHall” has experience of effective cooperation with such films as: “The Hunger Games: Catching fire” (“Lionsgate”), “You’re next” (“Lionsgate”), “Unforgotten shadows” (“Suspense Films”), “Firecrosser” (“Insight Media”), “Eastalgia” (“435 films”) and others.

Some of projects of 2013 year:

1. “The Hunger Games: Catching fire”.  Organizing a National competition based on the film.

  • Over 500 000 people heard of a competition;
  • More than 1800 participants from more 40 cities;
  • More than 100 poems based on the film,
  • More than 750 demotivators based on the film,
  • Over 5500 photos with posters “I like Hunger Games!”.

Demotivator_Hunger_games_3_en Demotivator_Hunger_games_1_en


2. “Unforgotten shadows”. Organizing of tickets and t-shirts raffle with “CinemaHall’s” huge regional social media partners in social network Vk.com (5 cities, 1 week).

Results of the raffle:

  • More than 500 reposts,
  • More than 1000 likes.


One of the main “CinemaHall’s” goals is to discover new names, to promote talented specialists: actors, directors, script-writes and others.
To find talents “CinemaHall” organizes open casting calls, competitions for scriptwriters, etc.

Experience exchange

“CinemaHall’s” projects are aimed at networking and sharing experiences between begiiners and professionals in film and TV.
“CinemaHall” tries to encourage filmmakers not to “stew in one’s own juice”, providing beginners with lectors and specialists from other cities and countries.

Film and TV projects support

One of “CinemaHall’s” projects is aimed at film and TV projects support.

“CinemaHall” provides the following support:

  • Search of a team and facilities,
  • Information support,
  • Organizing casting calls,
  • PR,
  • Non-commercial distribution (“CinemaHall distribution” project),
  • Consulting, etc.

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International non-commercial film distribution

One of “CinemaHall’s” projects is aimed at non-commercial distribution of the films of talented directors in film societies in CIS, TV internet and foreign film societies.

Everyone can take part!

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